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Above Taormina on the slope of the mount, for whose beauty and panorama viewed from the site, ancient populations called it Mount Venere (Venus), a rise on the middle of the coast between the mount and the sea, solidly ‘anchored’ to the actual rock, almost astride a large rock mass, for the great part entirely inaccessible, if it were not for some natural passes, is Castelmola. Positioned at 37°51̍'33"48 N Latitude and 15°16̍'45"12 E Longitude. The little and well-preserved town is on the summit of a sheer rock mass over the Ionian Sea, 36km from Messina and 49 from Catania. A natural continuation of Taormina, Castelmola is accessible from Taormina by way of a single passable road, perched on the top/summit a sheer rock mass overlooking the sea and at 550m height. The town is a group of houses, some very ancient, perched like an eagle’s nest at the foot of the ruins of the Norman Castle. The ancient Arch marks the entrance to the town together with the church of S.Antonino, converted to be the public auditorium. Continuing, you arrive in Via De Gasperi, the main street of the town, the only one where a car can be driven and without exit, which connects Piazza S. Antonino with the southern area. Its pedestrian lanes criss-cross and meet in the main square. The highest point can be reached via a pathway from the main square of the town and reaches the ruins of a castle. A panoramic balcony above Taormina, this vertiginous vision: what meets the eye, through the prickly pear plants, is majestic Etna with its towns and villages clinging to the clopes, the Ionian coastline, the bay of Giardini-Naxos, Cape S.Alessio, the Straits of Messina and the Calabria coastline. Apart from relaxing in Castelmola, you can drink the famous “ALMOND WINE”, made from special grapes, secret essences and Sicilian almonds, and it can be best tasted in the famous and ancient Caffé San Giorgio.


In his travels to Sicily, Goethe reached Taormina in 1787 and was enraptured by the enchanting scenery. “On the right of two high rocks cliffs are castles, and under stretches the city -he wrote in his diary – and even though these structures are of a recent period, you must think that even in ancient times they were in the same place. Then you see the entire line of Etna, to the left the beach reaching Catania, or maybe Syracuse; the enormous smoking mountain of fire shuts off the large view, without being frightening; the atmosphere sweetens and makes it seem farther away and milder than it is in reality”.


Thanks to the favourable position that the hotel enjoys, it is possible to reach the famous Etna volcano in about an hour. So you can visit this fascinating natural scenario in the naturalistic park in all seasons.